Baum Site 11: Still on the Continental Road


View from Site 11. Photo by Andrew Alberti.

Baum is on his long trek through enemy. The British troops marched to the beat of a drum while the Brunswickers marched to Lutheran hymns. The song heard in the track is a German marching hymn that originated in the 15th century, but was still commonly heard through the 20th century called Wir zogen in das Feld.

When we set out into the battlefield
We all had no money in our purses

We marched before Siebentod
There we neither had wine nor bread

We marched before Friaul
There we were altogether impudent

We marched before Triest
There we all had the pestilence

To the arms, to the muster Gentlemen!

Translation of Wir zogen in das Feld



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