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The Winners!

From Albany to Whitehall, people sent their favorite images of places and events all along the Lakes to Locks Passage Scenic Byway. From hidden histories and intense triathlons, to peaceful beaches and canal wildlife, the Lakes to Locks Passage has plenty to explore and the wide variety of entries showed that. Picking the winners wasn’t easy. Fortunately, our guest judge, photographer Carl Heilman II, helped us out.

Danielle Kana and her family have a longtime fondness for Lake George.

“In choosing winners for the contest, I look at a number of considerations,” explains Heilman. “The first is the overall theme – ‘show us your favorite spot’. So, I start selecting photos that give a sense of location and place. Then I consider the energy of the shot in addition to the difficulty in creating the photo. And finally, assess the overall quality of the photo, including exposure, any potential editing done, and final presentation. ”

Heilman’s keen photographer’s instinct led him to chose a photo shot by Danielle Kana, showing her 7-year-old son flying through the air. “The photo has great energy, the child’s expression and position is perfect, with the child set against the cloud in the sky and backdrop of mountains,” notes Heilman.
The timing was also perfect. “I must have clicked [my iPhone] at least 8 times. I never thought I’d get it,” says Kana, who grew up in Lake George. She still spends her summers there. Her favorite beach–where this photo was taken–is Dog Park Beach, which, she adds, has the best view. “I believe Lake George to be the most peaceful and enjoyable place around.”
Kana wins a full-day canoe or kayak trip for four people. All gear and guides included ($600 value). Donated by High Peaks Cyclery, Lake Placid. Kana was also the winner of the People’s Choice Award, with the most online votes. For that distinction she wins two one-day bike rentals (mountain or road). $80 value, donated by Placid Planet, Lake Placid.

Ticonderoga native Mark Wright has a deep interest in local history.

Ticonderoga resident Mark Wright is a bit of a history buff, so naturally he was attracted to the rich industrial history along Ticonderoga’s La Chute River. The image, he says, shows where the river passes the old paper mill location and metal tie downs once used by canal boat traffic for the shipping of goods and materials. “There are very few of those ties left and not a whole lot left to see of Ticonderoga’s industrial history,” he says. The attention to contrast–near and far, industrial and natural, is what earned him second place. “I like the prominent detail in the foreground, which helps draw the eye from near to far to give a sense of dimension,” says Heilman. “Exposure and overall composition are quite good. Nice work!”

Mark Wright wins an assortment of merchandise (including a boating guide for NYS canal system) from the Westport Marina store ($60 value), a $60 Gift Certificate for the Galley Restaurant in Westport (donated by the Westport Marina and the Galley Restaurant), and a $40 gift certificate for a bike tune-up at Viking Ski Shop in Plattsburgh.
Heilman picked the third place image because of the “overall energy of the image and fitting well into the theme. Anyone who has been to Lake George will readily pick up on the lake and details. You can almost hear the calliope playing! And there is a nice balance in the overall composition. Very nice!”

Ticonderoga resident Tonya Whitford Condon spends a lot of time exploring beautiful places and historical events around her hometown.

“My husband and I were taking a cruise on The Mohican and I just happened to get this lucky shot,” explains Tonya Whitford Condon. “A right place at the right time story. I only got the one shot before all three boats were out of frame. I’m glad I was quick on the camera and looking in the right direction!”

Tonya wins a Super Bike Tune Up at Maui North, Plattsburgh ($60 value) and a $20 Gift Certificate from Play It Again Sports, Plattsburgh.

Alexandra is a big fan of fishing!

For the kids entries, it seems fishing was the winning theme.  Ten-year-old Alexandra Pederson of Cambridge shared a picture of her brother fishing for the first time at Lake Lauderdale. “My favorite activity is to go fishing,” she says. “This photo is of my dad Jimmy helping my brother Chandler at the Lake Lauderdale Youth Fishing Tournament. Lake Lauderdale is special to me because it is fun and close to my house. I love visiting the park in the summer, swimming and hiking on the trails.” Her mom, Ashleigh, agrees, “It’s a real gathering place. And fishing is one of those things we all do as a family.” Alexandra’s other favorite fishing spots include the Georgi, Dead Man’s Pond, and Pook’s in Shushan.

Carl Heilman found that Alexandra’s entry “was a well done photo in terms of overall composition, energy, exposure, and presentation.” For that she’s getting four Gold Season Passes to Six Flags Great Escape Resort ($720 value) and a $100 Gift Certificate for Happy Jacks in Bolton Landing, donated by the Lake George Mirror.

Isaac loves spending time at Wiawaka on Lake George

Twelve-year-old Isaac Wilkins of Greenwich took a picture of his sister Laynie after she caught “the big one” at Wiawaka on Lake George. “Wiawaka is where my mom works. I love coming up here with her and our family.”
“I really liked the energy of this photo,” says Heilman. “This is a nice fun portrait shot! Well done!” For earning second place, 12-year-old Isaac will get to enjoy a $50 Gift Certificate for Happy Jacks in Bolton Landing, donated by the Lake George Mirror, and four day tickets to Six Flags Great Escape Resort ($248 value).

Our two early bird entrants, Fred Provoncha of Ticonderoga and Alexandra Pedersen of Cambridge, each scored  a $50 gift certificate to Dick’s sporting Goods.

Image Gallery: More great images from our contest


A Huge Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors and Our Guest Judge!


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