Glens Falls

Glens Falls, NY was a hub for commercial activity. The falls on the Hudson River provided waterpower that spurred the milling and manufacturing industries. It was also a significant stopping point on the route to Lake George. 

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Glens Falls grew quickly around the power source first known as “Wing Falls” on the Hudson River. Sawmills dominated the river-front from the beginning, turning timber from the foothills of the Adirondacks into lumber. Managing logs in the river proved a difficult challenge until mill owners organized a “Big Boom” at the “Big Bend” above Glens Falls to sort and store the thousands of logs moving down the river to the mills. Local limestone deposits supplied black marble and raw material for the “Jointa Lime” and Portland cement companies, still an important part of the local economy. The Feeder and Champlain Canals and later the railroads provided a transportation link to the nation. Supported by paper and cotton mills, shirt and collar factories and insurance and finance companies, the bustling village grew into a regional commercial center that officially achieved city status in 1908.

Glens Falls Points of Interest
Chapman Museum

Folklife Center at Crandall Library

Hyde Collection

Glens Falls Arts Trail

Queensbury Hotel


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