Centennial Circle

The iconic center square in Glens Falls, NY, hasn’t changed much over the years.

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In 1873, the intersection — then consisting of Warren, Ridge and Glen Streets — became known as Fountain Square on account of an ornate fountain having been built in front of the Rockwell House. This fountain was removed, however, in 1898 to make room for brick street paving and a trolley line to South Glens Falls. The fountain was moved to Crandall Park where it stayed until World War II when it was dismantled for scrap for the war effort.

Thus lacking the fountain, the name was changed to Bank Square because the then village’s three banks were located in this area. In 2004, the City of Glens Falls renovation of a malfunctioning intersection planned a roundabout, the mayor noted that there were no banks at Bank Square and that it seemed contradictory to refer to a roundabout intersection as a square. As a result, the name Centennial Circle was chosen from among submissions to a name-the-roundabout contest, the name having been submitted by Diane and Jon Swanson of Queensbury.

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