Deer Leap Mountain

Located north of Bolton Landing on Route 9N, Deer Leap and Bloomer Mountains –the Twin Mountains– form the southern boundary of the Town of Hague.

Deer Leap Mountain from Sabbath Day Point by Seneca Ray Stoddard. Courtesy of the Chapman Museum.

It was common practice for hunters to drive a herds of deer towards the lake where they could proceed no further, making easy shooting for a hunter  waiting on the water below. It was a hunting technique that frontiersman learned from the natives, and it was quite common. In fact, there is a Deer Leap Mountain in Vermont that shares the same story.

This trailhead is located along NY 9N north of Bolton Landing. The trail ascends 840 feet for a moderately steep hike. From the trail, hikers can view Lake George, Huletts Landing, Black Mountain and Sugarloaf Mountain to the southeast. Be cautious around the cliff that drops nearly 700 feet to Lake George.

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