Kattskill House

On the eastern shore of Lake George, just beyond Long Island and in the shadow of Buck Mountain, is Kattskill Bay.

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The Kattskill House was built in the late part of the 19th century by R.S. Selfridge. It was two to three stories high with large rooms, each having two windows, and access to a nice bathing beach. This lavish hotel burnt in 1908 when a laborer used a blowtorch to strip paint. Visitors to the area today enjoy hiking Buck Mountain, which offers some of the most spectacular views of the lake.

Two trails approach Buck Mountain from opposite directions. The one from the east is not as steep and substitutes a beaver pond and a cascade for the vistas available from the trail skirting the shoulder of Pilot Knob. From the rocky summit, you can look down on all the peaks this side of Black Mountain.



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