Tea Island

There is no clear answer as to why this little island was called “Tea Island,” but according to local lore there is treasure buried here.

Embarkation of Abercrombie’s Army by F.C. Yohn. Courtesy of the Chapman Museum.

One mile from the head of Lake George is a tiny island called “Tea Island.” According to tradition British General James Abercrombie buried treasure here for safe keeping in 1758, before attacking Fort Ticonderoga. The island has been picked over many times, but no treasure has ever been found here.

There are many stories that describe the origins of the name Tea Island. Some say that there was a tea house here in 1828. Stoddard (jokingly) suggested that there was once a tunnel straight through to China used for importing tea. Poet/Publisher A.D.F. Randolph had a small cottage west of the island where the Tea Island Resort currently stands.



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