The Coolidge House

The Coolidge House was four miles north of Lake George Village on the western shore. Here a series of islands occupy the waterway before opening to the broad lake.

Lake George from Camp Manhattan by Seneca Ray Stoddard. Courtesy of the Chapman Museum.


Working his way from the Diamond Point on Lake George, Stoddard made his way southeast toward Dunhams Bay. The Bay lies on the northern perimeter of French Mountain  and extends to East Lake George, where a series of peninsulas protrude into the Lake forming Harris Bay, Van Woermer’s Bay, and Sandy Bay.

Long Island lies in the center of the lake and is the biggest island on Lake George. There was once a farm on the Island. Now it a part of the Lake George Reserve Campgrounds containing more than eighty lakefront campsites, accessible only by boat.

Northeast of Long Island is the Camp Manhattan. Camp Manhattan was the summer retreat of the College of the City of New York fraternity Alpha Delta Phi organized by E.M Shepard. (See the Lake House)



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