Fort George

Fort George was never completed, but the remains of the one bastion remains in the Lake George Battlefield Park.

Ruins of Fort George by Seneca Ray Stoddard. Courtesy of the Adirondack Museum.

In 1759, two years after the destruction of Fort William Henry, British General Jeffery Amherst ordered construction of a new fort on the rising ground to the east. The new Fort George was to be a major installation with walls faced with stone, but workers only completed one bastion before work was abandon.

Losses elsewhere forced the French to abandon and destroy Forts Carillon and St. Frederic. Fort George was no longer necessary, so the workers were sent north to reconstruct British Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point on Lake Champlain.

Fort George’s earthworks looks like grassy mounds today, but visitors can still see the outline of the one bastion.  Interpretive exhibits guide visitors through Lake George Battlefield Park.



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