The Garrison

Inspired by histories and novels, the storied landscape of Lake George created added appeal to summer visitors.

The Garrison, Fort William Henry by Seneca Ray Stoddard. Courtesy of the Chapman Museum.


Fort William Henry was destroyed in 1757 and replica Fort William Henry would not be constructed until after World War II, but visitors flocked to Lake George to explore the storied landscape they had read about in histories and novels. Here visitors could explore the ruins of Fort William Henry, the incomplete Fort George, and on a clear day they could see the sunken fleet off the coast.

There are several ships that still remain off the coast of Lake George. Following the failed Siege of Fort Carillon in 1758, the British supposedly sunk as many as 260 bateaux to seal them under winter ice and prevent their capture or destruction by French forces. There are seven original bateaux at the preserve site. An eighth bateau, the southernmost one, is a replica built by local school children and teachers and sunk in the 1990s.

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