The Lake House

The site of  one of the oldest hotels in Lake George  is now Shepard Park.

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Constructed in 1801, the Lake House was one of the oldest hotels on Lake George . In 1824, James Fenimore Cooper stayed at the hotel with British aristocrats as he plotted his book The Last of Mohicans. Lord Edward Stanley, a relative of British General John Burgoyne, was a member of the party.

The Lake House was purchased by the Hon. Jno. F. Sherill, of Lake George about 1840, who improved and expanded the hotel. It thrived over the next half century, but eventually surrendered to age. The Lake House lasted to 1904 when it was demolished.

In 1910, at the request of some Lake George residences, Edward Morse Shepard purchased the property of the Lake House to preserve the site of the hotel as a public park. Shepard was a lawyer, New York politician and trustee of the College of the City of New York with a long history in the community

Shepard first visit Lake George as a child, and became enamored with the place. He would host summer retreats for his college fraternity here and would later construct the Inn at Erlowest as his summer estate. When Morse died in 1911, the village raised the remaining funds need to fulfill his vision of turning the historic hotel site into a public park and a memorial service was held to dedicate Shepard Park.


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The Inn at Erlowest which has the ensign of his fraternity, Alpha Delta Phi, above the entrance and within the stain glass windows





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