United States Hotel/Crosbyside

Crosbyside, formerly known as the United States Hotel, is across from Lake George Village in the Town of Lake George. Mary Fuller, with the help of socialites Spencer and Katrina Trask, would develop the site into a women’s retreat, which is still here today.

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The first private owner ran the United States Hotel on the property until 1848 when F.G. Crosby bought the land. He changed the name to Crosbyside, enlarged the hotel, and built several cottages for guests. He built the Mayflower and Rose Cottages in 1873, and constructed the Fuller House for himself in 1876. It was sold in the 1890s and fell and fell into decline over the course of the next decade.

Socialites Spencer and Katrina Trask acquired the property in 1902 at the urging of friend Mary Fuller, the daughter of a Troy industrialist. Mary used her position and wealth to help young women working in the Troy textile industry and convinced her friends to purchase the property as a retreat for women. Here they could escape the congestion of the city and enjoy an affordable vacation.

In 1905, the Trasks built Wakonda Lodge on the property as their first experiment in building an artist’s colony.  The famous artist Georgia O’Keeffe  stayed in this lodge. The Trasks gradually transferred the property to the owner Mary Fuller who is recognized as the founder. It retreat remains the oldest and longest continuously operating retreat for women in America.

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