On the Plank

A plank road connected Glens Falls with Lake George, opening up the stagecoach era in Lake George.

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A plank road, or puncheon, is a dirt path or road covered with a series of planks, often built by turnpike companies to cross soft ground. In the late 1840s plank roads were financed by private individuals, corporations or municipalities and then operated as a toll road.

The old Military Road, originally built in 1755 as the path of an old military road, was built over in 1848 as a plank road, leading to the stagecoach era for Lake George and points north to become resort areas. In 1849, the plank road was continued to Warrensburg, and then to Chester and beyond by 1850. The arrival of rail transport led to a decline in the use of the stagecoach route by the 1880s.


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