NYSDEC Peru (Valcour) Boat Launch

This hard surface ramp boat launch is located on Route 9 in Peru, NY 12972. The launch has parking to accommodate approximately 50 cars and trailers. It is the closest launch site to Valcour Island, and an excellent all season launch. Protected from the south wind by Day Point, one must be careful when leaving the protection of the point because wind and waves can be dangerous.

Kevin Kelley:

The Peru (Valcour) Boat Launch is the best location for launching to paddle to Valcour Island. It can also be utilized as a launch point for Crab Island. Parking is seldom a problem except for those weekend days in the summer when we all want to be on the lake. At little over ½ mile to Valcour, this launch point is the shortest distance to the island.

Since boaters often have to wait in line to launch their boats from the ramp, I do not recommend launching or recovering from the ramp itself. This often creates hard feelings towards the paddle craft boaters. On the south wall of the boat launch you will notice wooden steps that will allow you to access a small beach next to the wall that can be utilized for launching. This way you are out of the way of vehicles launching and recovering from the ramp.

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