The Lakes to Locks PassagePort is your guide to exploring the landscape as a rich, immersive experience. Our audio journeys include everything you need to know–history, travel tools, music, drama, pictures–to become an engaged explorer.

Dig into the Rich Iron History of Crown Point and Moriah Just some 150 years ago, this area was home to a booming iron industry that employed thousands of people at its peak, mining nearly ten thousand tons of iron ore per month—most of which traveled south to Albany and Troy to be transformed into iron—and later steel—for horseshoes, nails, wagon axles, and America’s railroads. Crown Point and Moriah helped fuel the industrial revolution—and the growth of a young nation as a whole. Travel in time with this audio journey.

Road to the Battle of Bennington Join Lieutenant Colonel Friedrich Baum’s on his ill-fated August 1777 Expedition. Speaking only his native German, and having no field experience in commanding a multinational force of nearly 800 German, British, Canadian, American, and Native troops, Baum and his troops marched along a rugged route to what they believed was a scantily guarded depot in present-day Vermont. This story is the anatomy of a disastrous event.

Lake Champlain Blueway Trail: Valcour & Crab Islands Historic Valcour and Crab Islands are located offshore from the towns of Peru and Plattsburgh. This paddling tour identifies points of interest, such as launch and landing points, marinas, parking, potential hazards or challenges, natural areas and wildlife viewing, camping locations, museums, and food, lodging, and shopping.

Explore the Turning Point Trail Follow in the footsteps of charismatic General John Burgoyne, whose fateful decisions led to the turning point of the American Revolution. It’s a story of battles, ambushes, smoldering ambitions, disastrous miscommunication, fierce allegiance, true love, venomous snakes, and narrow escapes—all with courteous gentlemanly conduct.



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