Seneca Ray Stoddard: A Journey to Lake George

Lake George has been a tourist destination since travel to the region became practical. They came by carriage, then by rail, and eventually by automobile to enjoy America’s first wilderness, a storied landscape known to visitors around the world from the stories of James Fennimore Cooper and the paintings of Thomas Cole.

Seneca Ray Stoddard captured the stories about the people and places visitors would discover when visiting the area, enticing travelers with vivid photography and the playful language of his guidebooks. A writer, photographer, cartographer, artist, and poet, Stoddard taught travelers how to get here, and about the people and places they came to visit.

Take a journey back to the age of stagecoaches and steamers; when the wealthy would summer on the Lake to avoid the soot and disease of the big city. As you journey on this audio tour and read the accompanying web content you will learn that as much as this place has changed over time, much of it still remains the same as it was more than a century ago.

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It is suggested that at least two days be set aside for this trip. This will allow you time to stop and explore each site. We recommend traveling from Glens Falls to Lake George on the first day, spending the night in Lake George, and continuing to Bolton and Hague the following day.

  • Starting Point: Glens Falls, NY
  • Ending Point: Hague, NY
  • Total Stops:
  • Total driving distance: 

Total Audio Time: 2hr, 38mins



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