Mohican Point

Mohican Point is the location of the Mohican House, the first tavern and hotel in Bolton.

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Opened around 1800, the Mohican House grew to become a popular tourist destination, but by 1890 the hotel had fallen into disrepair and was overshadowed by the more elegant hotels, such as The Sagamore.

William Keeney Bixby and wife Lillian Tuttle, purchased the foreclosed property in 1899. Bixby was President of American Car and Foundry, a conglomeration of rail car manufacturers, and purchased the property as a private summer retreat for the family.

The Mohican House was in such dire shape that it had to be torn down. Bixby hired famous architect Wilson Eyre to design the 1902 Greek Revival style summer home. Thanks to a trust set up by W.K.the Bixby family continues to meet at the private summer retreat annually.

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