Hulett’s Landing

Hulett’s Landing, on the east side of Lake George, was a popular tourist destination on the fringes of the Lake George wilderness. Today, visitors enjoy the Hullet’s Landing County Park with beach access to Lake George.

Hulett’s Landing by Seneca Ray Stoddard. Courtesy of Chapman Museum.

Hulett’s Landing lies opposite the northern end of Tongue Mountain, and five miles from the “Chubb’s Dock” station at Dresden. Seneca Ray Stoddard’s 1875 guide to Lake George called it “the wildest” as well as one of the oldest settlements on the lake. After Philander Hulett started taking in summer boarders at his farm in about 1870, new owners expanded to accommodate fifty and then a hundred guets, adding a covered walkway, summer-house and reflecting pool. By the end of century, entertainments included a music hall and a fleet of Saint Lawrence skiffs. Ten years later, new Rushton canoes had been added to the boat and cone livery. Eventually, interest in private cottages overcame the fashion for hotel holidays.

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