29. Schuyler House: The Rebels Trap the British

Perhaps Burgoyne should have pushed the retreat north more quickly. Now it was too late.

The 1777 Schuyler Mansion was constructed after Burgoyne burnt it in October 1777. Courtesy of the National Park Service.

Burgoyne continued his retreat the following day, resting for the night at General Philip Schuyler’s summer estate. The Baroness Riedesel asked General Philips “why did we not continue our retreat while there was yet time?” To which the General replied, “Poor woman. I am amazed at you! Completely wet through, have you still the courage to wish to go further in this weather! Would that you were only our commanding general! He halts because he is tired, and intends to spend the night here and give us supper.”

On the morning of October 10, Burgoyne dispatched workmen to repair roads and bridges to prepare for their withdrawal, but they were quickly recalled when they found their escape route blocked. Lieutenant William Digby lamented “Here again the discontented part of the army were of the opinion that our retreat was not conducted so well as it might have been … We should have crossed our bridge on the night of the 8th to gain the Fort Edward side of the river…”

The Rebel troops approached. Rebel Generals John Fellows, Jacob Bayley, and John Stark, along with Colonel Daniel Morgan and his Virginia Rifleman had completely surrounded Burgoyne.  He was trapped. Burgoyne began to entrench his position. He burnt the Schuyler House, most of the outbuildings, and retreated to the north side of Fish Creek.


Local Bites

Sweeney’s. A great place for breakfast, served till 2 pm. Real homemade corned beef hash. 70 Broad Street, Schuylerville.

Sweet Lou’s. A great variety of deli sandwiches, a salad bar, soups, and a daily hot entree special. They also sell cupcakes made by cake catering business next door. 161 Broadway, Schuylerville.

Revolution Café. Welcoming spot along the Champlain Canal for sandwiches—many named after Revolutionary War figures associated with the Battles of Saratoga—as well as tacos, paninis, burritos, and salads. 31 Ferry Street, Schuylerville.

Amigos. Mexican cuisine with a southwest accent. Voted best Mexican restaurant in the Saratoga Region. Great margaritas. 42 Ferry Street, Schuylerville.

Clark’s Steakhouse. Perfect for dinner, serving sumptuous steaks, seafood, burgers, and more. The building used to be owned by Clark’s Textile company in the late 1800s to early 1900s. They made gloves for pilots. 120 Broad Street, Schuylerville.

Travel Tools

This restored 1777 country house of American General Philip Schuyler is located in the Village of Schuylerville, approximately 8 miles north of the Battlefield.

The building you see today is the third house the Schuyler family had constructed on this land. The house that stands today was built in 29 days in November 1777. General Philip Schuyler rebuilt this house using much of the glass, nails, locks, and hinges salvaged from the burned home. It is now a part of the Saratoga National Historical Park.

In season, Schuyler House is open for guided tours. A schedule of the tours is available at Operating Hours & Seasons page. Play Track 29 while you are stopped at the Schuyler House.

First-Hand Accounts

Lieutenant Digby describes the day after the second battle.

 – Lieutenant William Digby, October 8, 1777

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