Baum’s First Letter to Burgoyne

After receiving a letter from Burgoyne to halt on the Batten Kill, Baum writes the following letter to Burgoyne.


I had the honor of acquainting your Excellency – by a man sent yesterday evening by Col. Skeene to headquarters – of the several corps under my command being encamped at Saratoga, as well as of my intention to proceed the next morning at 5 o’clock. The corps moved at that time and marched a mile, when I received a letter from Brig. Gen. Fraser signifying your Excellency’s order to post the corps advantageously on Batten Kill till I should receive fresh instructions from your Excellency. The corps is now encamped at that place and wait your Excellency’s orders. I will not trouble you, Sir, with the various reports, which spread, as they seem rather to be founded on the different interests and feelings of the people who occasion them.


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