Contents of the instructions given to Lieut Col. Baum with regard to an Expedition which he is to command

The intention of this Expedition is to dive into the Sentiments of the Inhabitants, to remount the Regiment of Dragoons and attempt furnishing the Army with Horses, Cattle and Waggons. He was to take the Route of Arlington, Manchester and Rockingham. He was to halt at each of these places; and from Manchester he was to send a detachment of Indians and Provincials up Connecticut River, as far as No. 4. From Manchester he was to continue his march to Rockingham, where he was to take post. The Liet. Col. With his corps of regular troops is not to pass beyond Rockingham. He is there to take the most advantageous situation. All cattle, wagons and horses are to be sent to the Army and driven by provincials well escorted. When the service is effected, he is to take the shortest route by Brattenbourg to Albany, there to join the body of the Army. Wherever he passes he is to make the Inhabitants believe that the corps which he commands is the vanguard of the enemy, which is to take the route of Boston and that he is to be joined at Springfield by a body of Troops from Rhode Island.

In the case that the Army should not be arrived at Albany so soon as the Lt. Col. has finished the business, General Burgoyne will give him advice and will recall him to the army, or will give another route to his corps.

The Lieut. Col. must send intelligence from time to time of his position and of what he has effected.

Should the enemy face him with too great a force Genl. Burgoyne will not fail to send him the most speedy succours, or will so take his measures, that the enemy shall find themselves between two fires.


Lt. General Burgoyne

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