Bolton embraces both dramatic mountains and the only good farmland around Lake George.

Bolton embraces dramatic mountains and the largest stretch of open water in lake George. The shores of Northwest Bay once lay at the upper reaches of a watershed before Ice Age glaciers gouged out the Lake George Narrows to the north, molding the terrain to its present form. Early settlers practiced subsistence farming, but late local harvest of trees moved quickly through the mills of Saw Mill Bay.

Summer travelers began to arrive shortly after the Civil War, generating a whole new business based on the natural beauty of the lake and mountains. Steamboats made regular stops at hotels on the larger islands and at the main dock at Bolton Landing. Prosperous families built grand houses by the lake and enjoyed the company of famous artists who found a peaceful haven here.

[su_box title=”Bolton Destinations” style=”glass”]Bolton Historical Museum

Marcella Sembrich Opera Museum

Up Yonda Farm Environmental Education Center

Cat and Thomas Mountain Preserve

Tongue Mountain Range




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