Hudson, Moore & Yager Camps

Site GPS: N44 37.498 W73 24.348

Landing GPS: N44 37.536 W73 24.342

Only the chimney (N44 37.507 W73 24.386) and an old dock (N44 37.540 W73 24.363) remain. The chimney was built around 1900 by local geologist Dr. George Hudson. Interested in photography, Hudson operated a dark room from one of the small caves facing Paradise Bay.

Look for the Hudson Cave (N44 37.600 W73 24.313) from the dock. Hudson Hall at SUNY Plattsburgh is also named for him. The property was later owned by Father Edward Robert Moore who had the largest of the camps (N44 37.496 W73 24.357) on the east side of the island. On Sundays, boaters would receive the Sunday sermon on Father Moore’s terrace. M.H.”Doc” Yager purchased the property upon the Monsignor’s death and eventually sold to New York State. Map below by Kevin Kelley: