Baum Site 9: Batten Kill Encampment

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View of Batten Kill from Site 9. Photo by Andrew Alberti
View of Batten Kill from Site 9. Photo by Andrew Alberti

An hour after Baum advanced eastward along this route, he received a report that the enemy is in the area. He halted and retraced his steps to a location Wasmus describes as being “one mile [east of] the place where [they] camped last night.” Finding the report to be false, Baum is prepared to proceed when he received a letter from Burgoyne instructing him to post himself on the Batten Kill and to await instructions. Wasmus reports that Generals Burgoyne and Phillips met with Baum. There is no account of what was said between the men.



We had hardly covered one mile in the woods when we went back again and made our camp one mile behind the place where we camped last night. The reason for this was a false report stating that the enemy, a few thousand men strong, had occupied a post not far from us. This afternoon, Generals Burgoyne and Phillips came to us, talked a long time with our Lieut. Colonel Baum, and returned to the army.

Julius Wasmus August 12, 1777