Baum Site 19: The Skirmish with the Cambridge Militia

Listen to the Road to the Battle of Bennington Site 19 Audio Narration:


Note that the date is wrong. The skirmish was actually two days earlier on August 13th.

Baum’s scouts came across a detachment of forty or fifty Rebels posted in a house to guard some cattle. Baum dispatched 80 troops to intercept. The Rebels became aware of the incoming enemy forces and abandoned the house before Baum’s troops arrived. Baum’s men continued about a mile down the road, where they came upon a group of 15 men, who fired and ran. Baum’s troops captured five soldiers, and they informed him that a sizable enemy force lay just ahead.



Here we came upon a detachment of Rebels that were driven back. Thereby, one Tory was shot through his leg, which I bandaged. This evening, we heard the retreat shot of the American army very far away on our right. We gathered a booty of 15 horses today. The village is large and scattered and was first settled 12 years ago. Our herd of cattle has increased because we came upon some oxen at all the houses we passed. They allowed themselves to be tied and came with us.

Julius Wasmus, August 13, 1777