Camp Penn/Shuttleworth Cottage

Site GPS: N44 37.043 W73 25.506

Landing GPS: N44 37.000 W73 25.498

As you explore the site of Camp Penn, an early 20th century boys camp located on Indian Point, look for signs of the dining hall and milk cooler to the east (N44 37.020 W73 25.413) and the Camp Penn Commons Building to the south (N44 37.990 W73 25.415). Map below by Kevin Kelley:


During early days of the American Revolution, General Benedict Arnold prepared for a major British invasion down Lake Champlain by building a fleet of small gunboats in Whitehall, New York. Arnold’s fleet met a larger, better armed British force here on Valcour Bay on October 11, 1776. If you were standing here that day, you’d see a line of small American boats firing cannon at British vessels struggling against a strong headwind. The Americans, battered by the superior firepower of the British, made a dramatic escape that same night. Several American vessels were lost, including the gunboat Philadelphia, which was raised nearby in 1935. The vessel now resides in the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.


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