Hunting and fishing drew tourists that enjoyed this waterfront community set among the mountains.

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Two of the most dramatic cliffs on Lake George bracket the Town of Hague. Deer Leap on Tongue Mountain marks the southern boundary; Rogers Rock the north. In between mountains rise steeply from the lake, leaving only a few patches of gently sloping grounds.

A series of hamlets occupy these footholds. Furthest south is Sabbath Day Point, further north is Silver Bay Association YMCA Conference and Trailing Center whose substantial hotel dates back to the turn of the 20th century. The hamlet of Hague sits on the meager delta formed by Hague Brook, whose course offered the best route for a road to bring ore down from the graphite mines on the western side of towns. Since the mines closed in 1921, Hague has concentrated on welcoming visitors. The first farmhouse Inns gave way to substantial hotels and finally to motels and summer cottages.

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Rogers Rock


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