Lake George Village

Lake George Village, formerly known as the Village of Caldwell, developed as a tourist destination as soon as passenger travel was made practical.

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The gateway to Lake George form the south witnessed a wilderness battle, a devastating siege and many military campaign seasons a generation before the American Revolution. After the war, General James Caldwell parlayed his land patent into a thriving community spread across the high ground where the French General Montcalm had placed his cannon batteries in 1757, with a full complement of mills strung along English Brook.

The sandy beach where British forces launched their bateaux to attack New France soon experienced a more peaceful invasion. Travelers making the switch from stagecoach to steamboat at Candwell fell in love with the sunning view down the Lake. Some wrote about the scenery while others sketched and painted the dramatic prospect. By the middle of the 19th century, Caldwell had become a destination in itself. Grand hotels catered to guests who came for months at a time and needed a fleet of small craft to keep them entertained.

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