Jacob Houston

Jacob Houston is an enthusiastic participant in the field of art, creating unique paintings as well as building a busy art business. Houston has made an impressive imprint on the regional art field, with feature articles in the Saratoga Living magazine, the  Albany Times Union, the Schenectady Daily Gazette, the Post StarThe Greenwich Journal & Salem Press, the Hill Country ObserverThe Transcript in Williamstown, Massachusetts and The Chronicle.

Jake has been creating art since the time he could grasp a crayon. His peculiar grasp of crayons became an issue in kindergarten, leading the school’s occupational therapist to attempt to correct the grasp for quite a while in vain.  Many years later this man shared that he was glad that his attempts were unsuccessful and that he didn’t mess with Jake’s incredible artistic abilities!

Jake is known for the perspective that he takes in his paintings, frequently from a vantage point above the subject. His subjects are as varied as old schoolhouses and country scenes; major cityscapes of Washington, D.C., London, L.A., NYC, and Chicago; major landscapes such as Notre Dame and Times Square; as well as scenes of his hometown of Greenwich, New York.  His favorite medium being acrylic, his paintings are vivid and detailed, captivating the viewer’s eye.


Barn in Battenville – by Jacob Houston

Battenkill Serenity – By Jacob Houston















Belle Vue – by Jacob Houston


Claire’s Ponder – by Jacob Houston

Greenwich Tractor Parade – By Jacob Houston


Icy Battenkill – by Jacob Houston


Sunrise Farm – by Jacob Houston


White Night in Mowry Park – by Jacob Houston