Mark Tougias

Mark Tougias began painting when he was about nine years old and was busy drawing prior to that. Growing up as a teenager he studied the masters from library books and often copied their drawings and several paintings, which he still has. He studied art history at the University of Massachusetts and began his annual travels abroad at age 20, where he visited the great museums of Europe. Later in his travels, he sought out lesser-known museums and galleries. Discovering new and little known masterful artists has always been a joy for him. He is particularly fond of the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century painters.

Mark now resides in Cambridge, NY painting both outdoors and in the studio. Much of his work he considers poetical, more concerned with evoking an emotion through paint, tone, light, composition, and brushwork than with exact representation. Nature is always the inspiration.

Mark has had over 40 one-man shows and has exhibited in many fine galleries over the past 40 years. He has been a member of the Copley Society, North Shore Arts Association, and Southern Vermont Art Center.

Across the Valley – by Mark Tougias

Spring Street Cambridge NY – by Mark Tougias

West Arlington Covered Bridge – by Mark Tougias
Banks of the Battenkill – by Mark Tougias
Breaking Clouds – by Mark Tougias

Clouds Over a Meadow – by Mark Tougias

Spring Street Cambridge NY – by Mark Tougias

Summer Afternoon – by Mark Tougias

Winter’s Last Night – by Mark Tougias