Foote’s Port Henry Diner

Diner serving home-made favorites, regional specialties and daily specials. The diner caters to local and regional customers, serving dishes like Poutine, a North Country and Canadian favorite, and the Champs Omelet, named for the mythical creature said to swim in Lake Champlain, as well as traditional diner fare such as burgers, patty melts and Eggs Benedict. Season And Hours Open
Open year round, Tues-Sat 7-2 and Sun 7-1
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$10 and under
What Is Distinctive And Authentic To The Character Of The Region
The Port Henry Diner is a Ward Dining Car, built by the Ward & Dickinson Dining Car Co. in 1927. The diner is one of the last of its kind in the country.
Ward Dickinson was based in the Great Lakes region. Their diners were first used as mobile lunch cars, serving factory workers. The Port Henry Diner started out in Glens Falls and in 1932 moved to Port Henry where it has been ever since. Over the next 80 plus years, the diner changed hands a number of times and underwent an extensive renovation in 1996.
In June 2012, the diner was bought by Don Foote and re-opened in August as Foote’s Port Henry Diner. The diner is located in the historic village of Port Henry on Lake Champlain with a view of the lake. Boats travel up and down the lake, connecting to the Hudson River and points south. There is a lot travel to and from Canada.
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a great place to eat a fun place to see everytime I’m in Port Henry I always make time to stop by
grant spinks, 2/21/2014

Latitude: 44.047987 Longitude: 232 ft
Season and Hours Open
Open year round, Tues-Sat 7-2 and Sun 7-1
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Don Foote - Port Henry Diner


5 St. Patrick's Place

Port Henry, NY 12074 US

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