Halfmoon Historic Waste Weir

A waste weir provides a means of removing excess water from a canal or other body of water. It is often located near feeders and empties into nearby streams. The Town of Halfmoon’s historic waste weir, located near old Lock 7(Flynn’s Lock) on the original Champlain Canal, is unusual in design and differs from many others that were along the old canal route. This waste weir has cuts in the side with grooves in the masonry to allow for a sliding gate which could be opened to discharge excess water from the canal into the stream. It also contains a culvert which carries McDonald Creek under the old canal bed to eventually empty into the Hudson River. The Halfmoon waste weir is considered in good shape and is the only visible waste weir with culvert on the old Champlain Canal system that can be viewed today. Presently, the waste weir is used as a crossing for a town trail which opened in 2008. The waste weir is accessible from the town’s Champlain Canal Trail located between Brookwood and Upper Newtown Rds. In the Town of Halfmoon. Don’t Miss This When Visiting
See the new Halfmoon Lighthouse Park across Brookwood Rd. on Routes 4 and 32 on the Hudson River (opened 10/13/11). Car top boat launch, picnic tables and rest rooms.

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The Champlain Canal Trail follows the historic canal for over four miles. Parts of the old canal bed are dry while other parts are full of water from hillside run-off and beaver dams. Nice birding and wildflife area.

Suggested Further Reading
A Treatise on Civil Engineering by Dennis Hart Mahan.

www.eriecanal.org/Union College/The_Waste_Weir.html

The Erie Canal Through Saratoga County by Amelia O’Shea.

Additional Notes And Comments
The waste weir can be reached by parking in the public lots for the Champlain Canal Trail located at both Brookwood Rd. and Upper Newtown Rd. You will have to walk about 1 and 1/2 miles to reach the waste weir. When you see the wooden rails and short bridge, you are there. Nice, casual walking trail, especially when the weather turns cooler.

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Latitude: 42.842355 Longitude: -73.6778784 Elevation: 71 ft
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Ellen Kennedy - Town of Halfmoon Historian
2 Halfmoon Town Plaza
Halfmoon, NY 12065 US

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