La France at the Champlain Memorial Lighthouse

Auguste Rodin was hailed as a magician and miracle worker, poet and philosopher, sublime genius, and master sculptor. By 1900, He was considered to be France’s greatest living artist. He is best known for his sculpture of “The Thinker.” When it was dedicated May 3, 1912, the president of the French delegation remarked in two short sentences: “The United States is raising a monument to a Frenchman, and France sends you, through us, her tribute of gratitude. Once more, the two great democracies are thinking and acting in unison.” At the rededication ceremonies in 1959 Congressman John Lindsay’s address included, “This monument is a noble testimony to the friendship of two great nations and their abiding respect for enduring traditions.” Don’t Miss This When Visiting
Go inside the Champlain Memorial Lighthouse, and see the Carl Auguste Heber’s sculpture just above Rodin’s.

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Latitude: 44.029888 Longitude: -73.42157 Elevation: 121 ft
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Go inside the Champlain Memorial Lighthouse, and see the Carl Auguste Heber's sculpture just above Rodin's.
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