Phoenix Mills Gristmill Along Boquet River, WIllsboro

This is what remains of the mill built originally in 1810, and then again in 1843 following a fire. It received its name for the speedy reconstruction that took place following the fire.

The mill was built by the prominent Ross family.

The mill is on Gilliland Lane, just down from the Willsboro Heritage Center & Museum and Paine Free Library.

The gristmill is reportedly the oldest remaining structure in Willsboro. Most of the roof of the gristmill is gone. To the left of the front door is the sluice-way (now blocked), which received water from the dam and directed it through the mill’s waterwheel. Over the last several years, owners William and Linda Heintz have done a lot of work to repair and stabilize the gristmill structure. Related Sites Or Experiences
Driving on Route 22/Main Street, the heights on the opposite side of the river offer an excellent view of the mill, especially in winter when there are no leaves on the trees.

Suggested Further Reading
For information on the stabilization and repair work done on the gristmill by the Heintz’s, see Ann Ruzow Holland, Inventory of Community Planning and Revitalization Plans, Projects and Initiatives, 2009-10. [For the Town of Willsboro]. Prepared for the New York Department of State by Ann Ruzow Holland, Community Planning Advisor, Willsboro, New York.

Additional Notes And Comments
If driving south on Route 22/Main Street, immediately after crossing the bridge over the Boquet River, take the first left onto Gilliland Lane. The gristmill structure is a short distance down the road, on the left, adjacent to the river. If driving north on Route 22/Main Street, you will come to the bridge, and before crossing it, bear right onto Gilliland Lane. Then, proceed a short distance down the street to the mill structure.

Latitude: 44.36708 Longitude: -73.391328 Elevation: 127 ft

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