Queensbury spans the territory between the Hudson River and Lake George. During the Colonial wars, British armies built their military road along an ancient Indian pathway connecting the two waterways. A sequence of three engagements known collectively as the Battle of Lake George unfolded along this route.

Quakers established Queensbury in 1762, soon after the French and Indian War ended. Fifteen years later, Burgoyne’s British campaign against the American Rebellion drove them back to their native Dutchess County. The Revolutionary War only interrupted settlement briefly. Good farmland in the eastern valleys soon fed the needs of several mill villages. The largest of these grew into first the Village (1839) and then the city of Glens Falls (1908).

Queensbury’s link between the River and the Lake offered new opportunities as the city center grew. Summer cottages began to appear on the shores of Assembly Point, around Cleverdale and at Joshua Rock at the end of the 19th century, creating convenient holiday retreats at the north end of town. Theme parks aimed at visitors to Lake George Village sprang up along Route 9. Open space filled rapidly with suburban housing and shopping centers during the boom years following the Second World War. The symbiotic relationship between Town and City offers the benefits of city culture along with country living.

Latitude: 43.3591664 Longitude: -73.6564207 Elevation: 371 ft
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