Raboff Camp (Valcour Island)

Heading south from the lighthouse, you’ll find the remains of Dr. Otto Raboff’s Great Camp near campsite #25. Dr. Adolph Raboff, of Middleboro, MA, held the title to this property for almost 30 years before the State of New York acquired it. Follow the trail east and look for the remains of a guest house, the ice house, and one of the camp’s docks, which is located next to Campsite #26. The dock might be submerged if the lake is high.

The Raboff camp was the last private structure on the island to be torn down in the early 1990s. Raboff’s efforts to protect Bluff Point Lighthouse are considered key.

Latitude: 44.620835 Longitude: -73.430067 Elevation: 105 ft
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