Whiteface Veterance Memorial Highway

Pre-dating the ski area by about 20 years, the road to the summit was dedicated by Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1929, and opened, in 1936, by the same Roosevelt, though this time with a different title: President. Natural wildflowers grow roadside, a living museum of forest ecology. Anorthosite bedrock boulders, over a billion years old, stand by. Describe The Themes And Key Experiences
Taking the Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway to the top of 4,867-foot high Whiteface Mountain is taking you to the top of New York State’s fifth-highest peak .A view that provides the best view of the Adirondack Park and the most gorgeous views spanning hundreds of square miles of wild land reaching out to Vermont and Canada.

What Are The “Don’t Miss” Experiences Along The Byway Or Heritage Area
Along the way up are nine designated spots where you are encouraged to stop to enjoy the view and discover more about the mountain surroundings from the posted information signs. There is also Lake Stevens, a small, pristine pond, that gives the Highway a picturesque start. Lake Stevens, named for 1932 Olympian bobsledder Hubert Stevens, is stocked annually to provide fishing opportunities, especially for children and visitors with disabilities, though its scenic beauty and picnic areas ought to be enjoyed by all. The Lake Stevens Tree Trail offers a self-guided, 10-minute walk around the pond. All 34 species of trees native to the northern Adirondacks (14 conifer and 20 hardwoods) can be found on this short nature trail.

Identify And Describe The Management Organization
The Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway is operated by the NYS Olympic Regional Development Authority.

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Latitude: 44.4019013 Longitude: -73.8748169 Elevation: 2287 ft
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