Blueway Trail: Port Henry to Westport

It is recommended that this segment be completed south to north. This route begins in the village of Port Henry, and passes a number of historic sites along the shoreline, including a once industrious brook and a small island believed to be one of several locations where a famous Jesuit missionary was tortured while held captive by the Mohawks. The trails ends in the town of Westport, where paddlers have access to two town parks that include a beach and swimming area.

Launch Sites: Port Henry NYS Boat Launch; Westport NYS Boat Launch

Paddling Distance: 12 miles (19.3 Kilometers)

Insider Tip from Paddlers Cathy Frank and Margaret Holden: “Don’t miss the spectacular orange- and rust-colored iron-filled rock along the shore, north of Port Henry. A good place to stop for lunch or a break is Cole Island, a small, forested island owned by the state of New York.”

Other Notes: This route is exposed to strong north and south winds and waves.



Activities: 0 hours

Driving: 21 min/12.9 mi

Duration: 1 day


Start at Port Henry State Boat Launch

Go southeast on Dock Ln
0.05 mi – 00:00:19

Turn right on Beach Rd
0.06 mi – 00:00:36

Arrive at Powerhouse Park, on the right

Depart Powerhouse Park

Go back northeast on Beach Rd
0.06 mi – 00:00:22

Turn left on Dock Ln
0.15 mi – 00:00:50

Continue on Dock St
0.10 mi – 00:00:25

Make sharp right on RT-9N (RT-22)
0.57 mi – 00:01:08

Turn right on Treble Cliff Way
0.05 mi – 00:00:07

Arrive at Craig Harbor, on the right

Depart Craig Harbor

Go back west on Treble Cliff Way
0.05 mi – 00:00:07

Turn right on RT-9N (RT-22)
6.45 mi – 00:07:57

Turn right on Dudley Rd
0.21 mi – 00:00:20

Arrive at Stacy Brook, on the right

Depart Stacy Brook

Continue east on Dudley Rd
0.24 mi – 00:00:23

Arrive at Cole Island, on the right

Depart Cole Island

Continue northeast on Dudley Rd
1.01 mi – 00:01:37

Turn right on Barber Ln
0.58 mi – 00:01:23

Arrive at Barber’s Point Lighthouse, on the right

Depart Barber’s Point Lighthouse

Go back west on Barber Ln
0.58 mi – 00:01:23

Turn right on Dudley Rd
1.02 mi – 00:01:14

Turn right on Main St (RT-22)
1.07 mi – 00:01:55

Turn right on Washington St
0.04 mi – 00:00:05

Arrive at Ballard Park (site of The Westport Inn), Westport, on the right

Depart Ballard Park (site of The Westport Inn), Westport

Continue northeast on Washington St
0.05 mi – 00:00:07

Arrive at Lee Park Trail, on the left

Depart Lee Park Trail

Go west on Washington St
0.19 mi – 00:00:27

Turn right on Main St (RT-22)
0.07 mi – 00:00:08

Bear right on Champlain Ave (RT-22)
0.35 mi – 00:00:48

Finish at Westport State Boat Launch, on the right

Latitude: 44.052135 Longitude: -73.452838

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