Blueway Trail: Ticonderoga and La Chute River

This segment begins by bringing paddlers past the historic Fort Ticonderoga and its impressive grounds. This fort played an important part in the history of Lake Champlain and once held great strategic importance. The trail continues up the La Chute River and ends within a municipal park that includes an interpretive foot path.

Launch Site: Fort Ticonderoga NYS Boat Launch

Take out Site: Bicentennial Park Small Boat Launch

Paddling Distance: 4 miles (6.4 kilometers)

Insider Tip from Paddlers Cathy Frank & Margaret Holden: “When approaching Fort Ticonderoga from the Fort Ti launch site, it is easy to miss the fort altogether if one paddles too close to shore. As we paddled around the bend, we suddenly heard fife and drum music, as if starting just for our arrival. Not being able to see where it was coming from, we paddled out farther from shore and saw the fort for the first time, with a row of cannons pointing our way. It was a thrilling moment.”

Other Notes: Abundant milfoil along shore, can make paddling challenging.



Activities: 0 hours

Driving: 1 hr, 13 min/3.8 mi

Duration: 1 day


Start at Ticonderoga NYS Boat Launch

Go west on RT-74 (Fort TI Rd) toward Sandy Redoubt
0.18 mi – 00:03:24

Make sharp left on Sandy Redoubt
1.01 mi – 00:19:29

Make sharp left to stay on Sandy Redoubt
0.04 mi – 00:00:46

Arrive at Fort Ticonderoga, on the left

Depart Fort Ticonderoga

Go back northwest on Sandy Redoubt
0.19 mi – 00:03:40

Arrive at La Chute River, on the left

Depart La Chute River

Go west on Sandy Redoubt
0.81 mi – 00:15:43

Bear left on RT-74 (Fort TI Rd)
0.48 mi – 00:09:15

Continue on Montcalm St
0.56 mi – 00:10:47

Make sharp right
0.15 mi – 00:02:49

Turn left and immediately turn left
0.05 mi – 00:01:00

Arrive at Bicentennial Falls, on the right

Depart Bicentennial Falls

Go back east
0.05 mi – 00:00:55

Turn right and immediately turn right
0.15 mi – 00:02:54

Bear right on Montcalm St
0.08 mi – 00:01:32

Turn left on Champlain Ave
0.07 mi – 00:01:22

Turn left on Cannonball Path
0.02 mi – 00:00:17

Finish at La Chute River Walk and Bicentennial Park, on the left

Latitude: 43.853711 Longitude: -73.385788

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