The Narrows at Dresden

The Narrows of Dresden is a unique point where cliffs jut out into the lake from both the New York and the Vermont sides, forming possibly the narrowest part of the whole lake. It is an important wildlife corridor.

Insider Tip from Paddlers Cathy Frank & Margaret Holden: “In this narrow part of the lake, power boats speed by on their way from the locks in Whitehall to the broader lake, often oblivious to paddle craft. As there is no wetland or shallow shore to absorb the waves these boats create, the waves bounce off the cliffs, crashing into the incoming waves. Paddlers need to find the sweet spot, where the combined waves are least offensive, a little off shore, but not too close to the oncoming crafts. “

Latitude: 43.661601 Longitude: -73.411985 Elevation: 95 ft
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